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Sale on selected work

“Strawberry Melt,” 30 x 30 cm, acrylic and oil on canvas, 2014 £275 £200

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Amsterdam Stamp Kits

-Gift Sets available, including black ink and 10 blank postcards.

-Limited US distribution, save on shipping while supplies last.

-See “bruised box” discount, also while supplies last.

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Hiraeth Magazine Podcast


Hiraeth Magazine is a start-up project based in Amsterdam that I helped to create before moving to London.  It is an art/literary magazine about migration.  ‘Hiraeth’ is a Welsh word that refers to a nostalgia for a home that no longer exists or that never was.  I am currently hosting a weekly podcast for the magazine.  See our website for more information.  Check out the podcast, which is also available on iTunes and Soundcloud.

Recent Blog Posts

Art exhibition at Thuyskamer

Hilde Atalanta and Monica Perez Vega Opening party: June 25th 16.00 - 19.00 I'll have six new pieces showing at Thuyskamer alongside artist, Hilde Atalanta from 25 June- 25 November 2017. Thuyskamer is a gorgeous little concept shop and cafe in the heart of Amsterdam....

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Building Birch Trees

Ever since I started painting "birch-like" trees, I've been wanting to try and build them 3-d.  I build these trees with layers of paper.  My favourite part is ripping back through the layers- like peeling bark. In relation to my Hiraeth project, I began to see the...

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Painting with Tape

What is it about tape? Its like a temporary fix to a problem. It is the thing that often gets left behind- showing history of wear; industry; story.     There is also a contemporary use of tape like Japanese "Washi tape," in which one can get in any colour...

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