Working within a process reflective of life experiences, Monica embraces accidental and incidental moments; allowing herself to be guided by material. In doing so, she has come to realise that she is always seeking the catalyst or disruption and has embraced the transformative nature of the elements as potential collaborators in her practice. Her decisions are therefore an adaptation or acquiescence to circumstance as she navigates between anxiety and optimism; chaos and control. 

“I feel at times, lost in the modern world and am continually trying to find solace in things as they are. As fallen leaves and peeling bark imply both death and regeneration, so do the flaking patina and crumbling facades of the urban environment. I am interested in the collision or hybridity of natural and unnatural, as one adapts to the other. All things in nature must adapt to the uncontrollable elements forced upon them and I am seeking to capture that which is on the verge of either renewal or collapse. Amid the relentless story of progress and the ever-changing state of all things, I look to nature for signs of hope; of a promise of return.”



2019                MFA, Slade School of Fine Art, London

2005                BFA, with distinction, California College of the Arts, San Francisco


2019               Limbo,  Slade School of Fine Art, London 

                        MFA degree show, Slade School of Fine Art, London 

                        Raw Materials: Plastics, Nunnery Gallery/ Bow Arts, London

                        Distant Heres, The Stone Space, London

                        How Are You, Babe?, Blank 100, London

                        Nomenclature of Colours, Slade Research Centre, London

2018               Dark to Light, 35 Chapel Walk, Sheffield

                        Sammelwut, Nijmegen 

                        Slade Interim Show, London

                        Wells Art Contemporary, Wells

                        Beep Painting Prize, Swansea

                        Liquitex White Walls Mural, London

                        The Field, ASC Gallery, London

2017                Thuyskamer, Amsterdam

2015                Solo Exhibition, Rob Radamaker Gallery, Utrecht


2018                Merzbarn, Lake District 

                        TFAC Residency, The Griffin Gallery, London

2002                All College Honors Nomination, California College of the Arts, San Francisco/ Oakland

2001                “Cutting Edge” Award, James Kaneko Gallery, Sacramento 

2000                “Cutting Edge” Award, James Kaneko Gallery, Sacramento


2019               Chic Chats #27: Monica Perez Vega,, 5 Aug. 2019

                        Raw Materials: PLASTICS, May 2019

2018               WOTISART?, issue #11, Feb. 2018

                        Novelty Magazine, Issue #11, March 2018

2015               Fresh Paint Magazine, issue #9, Oct. 2015

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