Ever since I started painting “birch-like” trees, I’ve been wanting to try and build them 3-d.  I build these trees with layers of paper.  My favourite part is ripping back through the layers- like peeling bark.

In relation to my Hiraeth project, I began to see the trees as symbols of community and wanted to use this idea about a grafted tree. There is something about adding branches of different trees to an existing; rooted tree that speaks about migration and assimilation.  “…Grafting describes any of a number of techniques in which a section of a stem with leaf buds is inserted into the stock of a treeIt is also used to repair injured fruit trees or for topworking an established tree to one or more different cultivars. Nurseries often use the budding method to produce fruit trees…” [source]

I like the image of a ‘tree’ sort of bandaged together with all these appendages from other trees and the analogy of the effect of migration on a society.  Perhaps something about it feeling very disjointed and unnatural on one hand but how it will inevitably make the whole stronger and more productive in the end.

Like the Seeds from Elsewhere project in which people cultivated a mixed garden- is it possible to graft a tree that actually comprises of branches from different parts of the world? Would it thrive? Would it make the tree stronger? Very curious about this.