This is a lesson I’ve done with 7th graders (11-12 year olds.)

This project has evolved over the years, but basically students experiment with gesture and movement through color and shape.

One aspect of the project is to practice capturing movement through gesture drawing.  For example, they drew we watched breakdancing videos on youtube and quickly drew with charcoal the dancers movements.  As a class, they outlined the gestures and redrew them in large scale on colored paper (inspired by Matisse’s Jazz book).  They cut them out and collaged them all together to create a class collage.  Another aspect is to learn color theory through creating a color wheel and value chart choosing two complimentary colors.  They created abstract monchrome value paintings wiht their chosen colors then cut out their characters, shapes and lines f to create complimentary and/or harmonious color combinations in their final collages.  They glued them all onto A3 white paper.  This is always such a fun series of classes, buzzing with movement and creativity.  Kids love it!

Kids investigate:
*Matisse (Cut-outs and Fauvism).
*Gesture drawing and collage
*Color theory
*Principles of pattern and movement
*Elements of line, shape, contrast, and value



Matisse class collage

Class collage


monicaperezvega_matisse inpired colages3

Student work. All shapes cut from their own monchrome value paintings.


monicaperezvega_matisse inpired colages2

Some had fun with hole punchers…


monicaperezvega_matisse inpired colages1