“Make A Scene” stamp kits!  Create your own Amsterdam canal scene with this 22 piece mix-and-match stamp set. Great for custom postcards, greeting cards, scrapbooking, or..?

Have fun and be creative: Add color pencils, inks, or watercolor!


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The ‘Make a Scene’ Story

While wandering the canals over winter…I was struck by the wobbliness of the buildings and the whimsy of doors and windows.  I imagined rearranging all the little architectural details to make my own canal scene.

As an artist, I often cut my own stamps out of linoleum to use as a texture in my abstract paintings. I also have a background as an art and design teacher, so I am perpetually thinking about how to incorporate creative play into everyday activities. I like that by playing with these stamps, one might be inspired to look more closely at their surrounding city and try to spot some of its characteristic architectural elements.

While I really designed these stamps for myself… I soon realized that they are loved by all ages.  If you love Amsterdam….and its adorable houses, you will love these stamps.

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Cover image by Luciana Blair Photography