As we wrap up for winter break, here’s a little look back at my first term at grad school. I’ve never been great at keeping a sketchbook. Rather, I’ve got bookmarks, word docs, and powerpoints; a notebook here, a sketchbook there.  I’ve got articles, photos and found objects stashed, taped, and folded up…  I get ideas and write them down. I make a plan, order supplies, then get to the studio and just start working with what’s there; I forget about that last idea as I merge into another. I get feedback from tutors, critique groups and peers. I go to the library and check out books; photograph, scan and print.  I try to go to all the staff talks and art lectures (but I’ll catch up on youtube, the ones that I’ve I missed.) I am familiarising myself with London galleries and museums, French philosophers and theorists; trying to make up for the 12 years I haven’t been in art school. I’m not terribly organised or much of a planner.  I go with the flow, until I take action. I am open but anxious; realistically optimistic; fantastically fatalistic; completely sure, yet totally insecure.  And that about summarises term one.