Mixed Media

Process Journal

View additional mixed media projects from my process journal.

Building Birch Trees

Ever since I started painting "birch-like" trees, I've been wanting to try and build them 3-d.  I build these trees with layers of paper.  My favourite part is ripping back through the layers- like peeling bark. In relation to my Hiraeth project, I began to see the...
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Painting with Tape

What is it about tape? Its like a temporary fix to a problem. It is the thing that often gets left behind- showing history of wear; industry; story.     There is also a contemporary use of tape like Japanese "Washi tape," in which one can get in any colour...
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Digital Collages

I've been trying to clean up my photos and get digitally organized.  In doing so, I rediscovered some digital collages I did about a year ago.  I remember playing around with this- taking bits and pieces from my paintings and manipulating them into these collages....
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