TEACHERS. Calling all Art, Design and any other educators who might be interested… I’ve added a couple art resources free for download. (And if you like them and would like me to keep making more- feel free to click on the “donate” button.) These resources will be found in the right sidebar on my blog.
PLUS- I’m offering 20% discount on stamp kits (exclusively from my website) for teachers who want to add a bit of creative play to the classroom. Both of the resources I’m providing will compliment the Make a Scene Stamp Kits.

Powerpoint Presentation: Amsterdam Canal Houses

The purpose of this presentation is to share a bit of the history of Dutch Canal Houses. Students will also learn about some of the unique architectural characteristics, which can be used as inspiration in many art projects. For lesson ideas, visit my blog.

Applying the Design Cycle: Make a Scene Stamp Kits

Would you like to share a real-world design process with your students?  As an educator myself, I thought students might like to see a behind-the-scenes process of how I created my stamp kit.  Send me your questions, comments and feedback.  I’d love to see what you design!

Download the free Make a Scene Stamp Kit Design Resource for your design lessons.