Last week, I asked my daughter what she wanted to do over the ‘Herfstvakantie’,  or autumn break, and the only thing she said was that she wanted to make a painting with me.  Brilliant.  So after an inspiring weekend away at a 17th century chateau in Champagne, France with an amazing group of people…she knew she wanted to paint ‘herself playing with her friends in France’.    However, I couldn’t find a photo of all of them together- so had to do a bit of photoshopping…  and we set to work.


girls web


She learned the concept of underpainting.  She chose the color gray because that’s the dominant color in the background, and was diligent in ‘leaving no white!’






She then used chalk pastel to block out shapes and some basic proportions.  This was my demo:



And hers:


We discussed value changes (shadows) as well as how to mix changes in skin tones and hair color.





She decided to reincorporate chalk pastel and pencil for some details.  I am always into a little mixed media… 🙂  The only final detail I insisted upon, before completely losing her attention, was to put the small white reflective dot in their eyes.  I told her that her aunt Bobbi (a portrait artist) would be very proud of this finishing touch.
And Viola! Here is her finished artwork:
This was a good workshop that we did in less than three hours.  I just love the orange and blue in the background.  This lesson can be adjusted by age and applied into additional painting workshops for kids.  See the still life painting workshop we did later with a friend.