I love the challenge of creating a custom piece of art.  Every idea is different, and it’s exciting to see where it takes us.  For all inquires, contact me!

Scroll down to read the stories behind some of the artworks.

Commission Stories

Commission Stories: Magere Brug or Skinny Bridge

Shay saw my painting, "When the Tourists Go Home" and was inspired to get a unique gift for her friends who were moving back to America after living in Amsterdam for ten years.  She said this couple lived in the Oost and commuted daily over the famous Magere Brug (or...

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Commission Stories: A Tale of Two Flowers

Once upon a time there was a Tulip.   This Tulip was beautiful and strong, always facing towards the sun.  She grew in spite of the ever-changing seasons and stood fast against strong, shifting winds.     Her roots climbed against steep cliffs,...

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Commission Stories: Parasites

My abstract work is about the organic, and  I often refer to my art as an ambigous lens on nature.  They could be macro views of aerial landscapes or micro snapshots of organic beings.  So it comes at no surprise that one would see parasites in my work and ask for a...

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Commission Stories: Jen

This painting was a birthday present for Jen and started out as an abstract piece.  Somewhere along the line, though, I got annoyed with the painting and decided to do her portrait.  I don't know why, and I don't know if she would have preferred an abstract painting,...

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Commission Stories: Wayne and Terry

  I grew up across the street from Terry and Wayne.  Their daughter, Jennifer, was my childhood best friend, and they were like second parents to me.  I remember sleepovers, swimming, and backyard adventures.  Wayne falling asleep on the couch to Star Trek...

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Commission Stories: When the Tourists Go Home

When the Tourists Go Home | Oil and acrylic on canvas | 50x60 cm | 2009 "When the Tourists Go Home...." Something different for me! This was painted for a couple of Canadian expats. Danielle commissioned this for her fiance, Bryan, as a Christmas present in 2009. We...

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Commission Stories: Fall Sprouts

  "Fall Sprouts" was painted in Fall 2008 for Finnish couple, Sanna and Matti.  Sanna commissioned me to do whatever I wanted, the only requirement was the size (120 x 100 cm). Her favorite color is light green, so that was my starting point. Also their aparment...

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Commission Stories: Swarm

"Swarm" resides in Landsmeer, North Holland. He is Dutch, she is from Singapore.  They met in London and moved to Landsmeer, a quaint village north of Amsterdam.  Like all quaint villages in Holland, it is marshy, bespeckled with bovine, and hosts a forever view of...

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Commission Stories: Moonwalk Lullaby

For this commission, I headed to Hilversum to investigate the home of a Canadian Jazz enthusiast/ musician/ history teacher and his lovely Belgian vintage-fashion-designing wife. At the time, their recently purchased house was in the process of remodel.  However, they...

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