On a recent rainy-day playdate, my 7 year old chose to do a painting workshop with her friend (also 6/7 years old) at the art studio.  For this special little class, I printed off pictures of flowers (working with what I had) and drew three examples of vases to give them some ideas.  Then they chose their palette and painted the underpainting.  Once dried, they drew their chosen flower in chalk pastel, then painted in their flower and vase, ensuring there was a table for it to sit on.  Just before all attention was lost, they added final details like highlight and shadow.  …Then they were off to play in the rain.

still life lesson


The girls described what they saw in the flower images, and we talked about form vs. shape when making the vase, etc.


still life1


still life 2

In the end, they made all their own creative decisions and created lovely little still life paintings.  This would be a great project for a small birthday party.