Mini Mountain #2, giclée


Mini Mountain #2, 20 x 20 cm, giclée print

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Working within a process reflective of life experiences, Monica embraces accidental and incidental moments; allowing herself to be guided by material. In doing so, she has come to realise that she is always seeking the catalyst or disruption and has embraced the transformative nature of the elements as potential collaborators in her practice. Her decisions are therefore an adaptation or acquiescence to circumstance as she navigates between anxiety and optimism; chaos and control.

“As fallen leaves and peeling bark imply both death and regeneration, so do the flaking patina and crumbling facades of the urban environment. I am interested in the collision or hybridity of natural and unnatural, as one adapts to the other. All things in nature must adapt to the uncontrollable elements forced upon them and I am seeking to capture that which is on the verge of either renewal or collapse. Amid the relentless story of progress and the ever-changing state of all things, I look to nature for signs of hope; of a promise of return.”