Weary Haroldthe Byronic hero from the epic poem, Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage, has been both venerated and ridiculed through the ages for his ambitious longing for adventure, connection and purpose. He travels the world in a quest for meaning beyond life’s shallow pleasures yet is often left unfulfilled. Upon discovering relics of war and empire in every country, Harold is nostalgic for a place that no longer exists and is left to ruminate on the acquiescent beauty of what remains. This is where our exhibition takes place- looking to the spaces between weary and wonder; familiar and fatigued, experience and exploit.

Wild Grapes is a group exhibition at Unit 3 Projects, 3 Empson St, London E3 3LT. 18-19, 25-26 Sept. 12-5 pm. PV 18 Sept. 12-5 pm. Featuring work by Farnaz Gholami, Gabriela Giroletti, Jack Sutherland, Karolina Albricht, Liam Mertens, Michal Raz, Monica Perez Vega, Sarah Tew. Click on link for more info.

My Life in Trees, Self-published, 2021.

Written during the pandemic lockdown, this book contains 18 watercolour paintings of the trees that mark the movements and moments that have shaped my life thus far.



Spring 2021

For the first issue of SWAG, 12 artists contributed to this experimental zine project. Each artist submitted an artwork which was then anonymously shared to another participating artist- who reciprocated a written response. The responses could take any form and range from essay, poetry, free-form and fiction. ​ More info

Small Works Art Gallery began as an artist-led platform selling affordable art directly from artists- but is currently shifting into a physical project space based in Birmingham, UK.

Make a Scene Stamp Kits. 22 piece mix-and-match stamp kit.

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