Monica Perez Vega

Contemporary Artist | My Life in Trees



Small Works Art Gallery launched in 2020 as a platform to sell small works by emerging and established artists based in and around the UK. The digital platform was an artist-led initiative designed to help fill gaps left by Covid during a time when opportunities for artists and access to galleries had become limited. With less group shows and live events, it meant less connections to peers, collaborators and collectors. The digital gallery ran its course, but since lockdown, we’ve been considering how to bring the platform into a physical collaborative space for artists. Stay tuned for more information. Follow us on instagram. Or subscribe to the newsletter for updates.


Anna Choutova, Ben Stephenson, Carl Form, Carolyn Blake, Farnaz Gholami, Gabriela Giroletti, Hannah Campion, Jazmin Donaldson, Julie Caves, Karolina Albricht, Kiri Bull, Liam Mertens, Michal Raz, Monica Perez Vega, Olivia Mansfield, Phoebe McMullan, Sarah Tew, Shaun Morris, Sylwia Narbutt, Tom Farthing


Spring 2021

For the first issue of SWAG ZINE, 12 artists contributed to this experimental zine project. Each artist submitted an artwork which was then anonymously shared to another participating artist- who reciprocated a written response. The responses could take any form and range from essay, poetry, free-form and fiction. ​

Through the anonymous exchange of imagery and ideas, we get a look into the way each artist thinks, imagines and makes. Snapshots of stories, moments and processes are revealed both through the imagery and through the reciprocated responses. By removing the person and context behind an image, we remove preconceived ideas or meaning and are forced to confront our own experiences and perspectives. Where do our stories intersect? Where do they diverge?

This past year has been one of isolation and of slowing down- for better or worse. A potentially challenging time to process our own experiences let alone that of others. SWAG was formed as a way to push ourselves to connect when perhaps our environments and energies would wish to do otherwise.

Artists include: Karolina Albricht • Carolyn Blake • Anna Choutova • Carl Form • Farnaz Gholami • Gabriela Giroletti • Liam Mertens • Lindsey Mclean • Monica Perez Vega • Michal Raz • Julie-Ann Simpson • Sarah Tew 

​Cover image:

‘Octopus Legs,’ by Hannah Campion. Paper, paint and staples.

Photo by Colin Davison