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Distant Heres

Distant Heres – The Stone Space We are a group of six artists who are currently pursuing an MA/MFA in Painting at the Slade School of Fine Art. We have come together with a shared interest in the idea of place or transience of place. Within each of our practices, there are threads relating to

Weary Harold

Weary Harold Group Exhibition Opening: 18 Feb 6-9 pm 19-Feb-18 March 2022   ASC Gallery The Chaplin CentreTaplow HouseThurlow StreetLondon SE17 2DG Open M-F 10:30-17:00 Weary Harold, the Byronic hero from the epic poem, Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage, has been both venerated and ridiculed through the ages for his ambitious longing for adventure,

My Life in Trees

Solo exhibition at the Birmingham and Midland Institute. 1-26 November 2021 Like many, the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown was a time of isolation and introspection. I took the opportunity to reflect on some of the most significant trees throughout my life. Some are memorable simply for their presence, while some mark specific moments or movements. As

Raw Materials: Plastics

Bow Arts presents Raw Materials: Plastics at the Nunnery Gallery. Raw Materials explores the forgotten industrial history of plastic in east London around the River Lea. The exhibition reveals the story of east London’s central role in the invention and early development of plastics, showcasing some of the very first plastic objects alongside newly commissioned