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Epping Forest

After visiting my baby Giant Sequoia in Epping Upland, I headed off to explore Epping Forest for the first time. I didn’t feel like this was the official launch of my project, rather just a little delve into my local surroundings. Therefore, I didn’t use the ATI to seek out a specific tree, but I

Giant Sequoia in Epping Upland

Last Saturday, while planning my first visit to Epping Forest, I had a little look at the Woodland Trust Ancient Tree Inventory, (ATI) and stumbled onto a Giant Sequoia living not far from me and with public access. I decided this was the perfect detour and informal launch to my project. I was actually a

My Life in Trees

Solo exhibition at the Birmingham and Midland Institute. 1-26 November 2021 Like many, the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown was a time of isolation and introspection. I took the opportunity to reflect on some of the most significant trees throughout my life. Some are memorable simply for their presence, while some mark specific moments or movements. As