Monica is originally from California and moved to Amsterdam in 2007 after receiving a BFA from the California College of the Arts. After having a child and trailing her with a camera for a year, Monica went on to teach Visual Arts and Design at the International School of Hilversum. She co-operated art space Studio 30a in Amsterdam, and in 2016, she designed the ‘Make a Scene Stamp Kits’ and co-founded Hiraeth Magazine. Monica is currently pursuing her MFA at the Slade School of Fine Art in London.


My work is about adaptation and among the many ways to apply this concept, I am currently most inspired by the urban environment, in which I passively absorb the everyday theatre. I appreciate the transient collaborations of incidental compositions; the ambiguous space between accident and intention and the potential that lies in between.

I am interested in the intersection of opposing elements; competing information and experiences because when they collide, they have the ability to cause either conflict or dialogue. I am looking for that tension; that potential for collaboration- how do these elements adapt and work together?



Artist Profile in Fresh Paint Magazine

I am thrilled to be profiled in the October 2015 issue of Fresh Paint Magazine. I've had a peek and there are some amazing artists in there- what an honour to be among them.   Here is a the full list of featured artists: UPDATE- Fresh Paint Magazine has become Create!...

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Hiraeth Podcast


The Hiraeth Podcast explores the human experience of finding home through interviews with artists, writers, and others.