About me


My work is based on a theme of adaptation.  I imagine the organic adapting to the inorganic through unexpected textures, colors, and shapes.  The ambiguity of scale is compelling and also fuels my work.  My painted forms could be micro observations of an organism adapting to its synthetic environment, or they could be a macro lens on the effect of these adaptations such as snapshots of an altered landscape.

I reiterate this theme in my process.  I build my paintings in layers and each layer must adapt to its previous composition.  As I build and excavate, I also work to preserve the defining moments of each layer, thus creating a visual narrative whose history is embedded in its final composition.


I am originally from California and moved to Amsterdam in 2007 after receiving a BFA from the California College of the Arts. After having a child in 2007 and trailing her with a camera for a year, I went on to teach Visual Arts and Design Technology at the International School of Hilversum for five years. I then co-operated the art space Studio 30a with fellow artist Sarah Blackwelder, which operated for two years before Sarah moved back to the states. In 2016, I designed the ‘Make a Scene Stamp Kits’ and co-founded Hiraeth Magazine.

After 10 years in beautiful Amsterdam, I have moved to London, where I continue to paint at my studio and produce a bi-weekly podcast about Migration.  I am also excited to announce that I’ve been accepted to the MFA program at the Slade School of Fine Art, which will begin September 2017.


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Rewards include: -exclusive behind the scenes access -high quality digital downloads of artwork -personalized critiques -a handmade postcard -entrance into lottery to win an original painting when each fundraising goal is achieved. For more information, click the link...

Art exhibition at Thuyskamer

Hilde Atalanta and Monica Perez Vega Opening party: June 25th 16.00 - 19.00 I'll have six new pieces showing at Thuyskamer alongside artist, Hilde Atalanta from 25 June- 25 November 2017. Thuyskamer is a gorgeous little concept shop and cafe in the heart of Amsterdam....

Building Birch Trees

Ever since I started painting "birch-like" trees, I've been wanting to try and build them 3-d.  I build these trees with layers of paper.  My favourite part is ripping back through the layers- like peeling bark. In relation to my Hiraeth project, I began to see the...