Working within a process reflective of life experiences, I embrace accidental and incidental moments; allowing myself to be guided by material. In doing so, I have come to realise that I am always seeking the catalyst or disruption. My decisions are therefore an adaptation or acquiescence to circumstance as I navigate between anxiety and optimism; chaos and control. 

In nature, all things must adapt to the uncontrollable elements forced upon them, and I’ve embraced an awareness of the transformative nature of the elements in my practice. For example, I may use water to form paper, fire to form plastic and rain and stone to form plaster.  


2019                MFA, Slade School of Fine Art, London

2005                BFA, with distinction, California College of the Arts, San Francisco

Selected Exhibitions

2018               Dark to Light, 35 Chapel Walk, Sheffield

                        Sammelwut, Nijmegen

                        Slade Interim Show, London

                        Wells Art Contemporary, Wells

                        Beep Painting Prize, Swansea

                        Liquitex White Walls Mural, London

                        The Field, ASC Gallery, London

2017                Thuyskamer, Amsterdam

2015                Solo Exhibition, Rob Radamaker Gallery, Utrecht

Awards & Residencies

2018                Merzbarn, Lake District

                        TFAC Residency, The Griffin Gallery, London

2002                All College Honors Nomination, California College of the Arts, San Francisco/ Oakland

2001                “Cutting Edge” Award, James Kaneko Gallery, Sacramento

2000                “Cutting Edge” Award, James Kaneko Gallery, Sacramento


2018                WOTISART?, issue #11, Feb. 2018

                        Novelty Magazine, Issue #11, March 2018

2015                Fresh Paint Magazine, issue #9, Oct. 2015

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Slade MA/MFA Interim Show 2018

Some views of my installation from the 2018 Slade MA/MFA Interim Show. "A fearful hope was all the world contained." -Lord Byron (Darkness, 1816) Mixed media installation.

Merzbarn Residency

I recently returned from the Lake District after a short yet blissful retreat at the iconic Merzbarn in the quaint village of Elterwater.  My colleague, Sarah Tew, received a travel grant form Slade and invited me, Jazmin Donaldson and Choe One to spend a...

Liquitex White Walls Collaboration

My intention with this mural was to create a wall that changes each day; to be always on the verge of becoming something else. I am interested in the blending of natural and “unnatural” space and capturing that which is on the verge of renewal. I knew I...

TFAC Residency at Griffin Gallery

During the Easter break, I did a two week residency at Griffin Gallery located in the ColArt headquarters in London.  The Fine Art Collective (TFAC) is home to a collective of art material brands such as Windsor & Newton and Liquitex and it was fun to see chemists...