Monica Perez Vega

Contemporary Artist | My Life in Trees

Liquitex x White Walls


My intention with this mural was to create a wall that changes each day; to be always on the verge of becoming something else. I am interested in the blending of natural and “unnatural” space and capturing that which is on the verge of renewal. I knew I wanted to incorporate paper forms that would interact with the mural. Whether the forms were attached to the wall or free-standing in the space, they would inevitably create a depth, in which one would have to walk around to take in the full and various perspectives.

I began with the idea that the back sides of the paper forms would be painted and the fronts would be white and I would play with “positive and negative” with the blurring of natural and illusory space. However, I was also wary of making too many rules on myself as then I become restricted, so it was important to allow drips, mistakes and incident- it is always about dealing with the unexpected and finding new paths and connections. With this reminder, I became very relaxed with ripping and cutting into the paper forms and collaging the scraps elsewhere. There almost always comes a point in my process where I am scared I’ve lost it and won’t find my way out. (I’m always finding analogies with life…) But this anxiety feeds my process and pushes me to find resolutions. In the end, I’m quite happy with my mural. I was consistent with my brainstorms and initial idea whilst allowing freedom in change and incident.

I enjoy where the mural interacts with my colleagues’ (Jack Sutherland and Araminta Blue) and where it begins to collide with the floor- as it reiterates Jean Arp and Kurt Schwitter’s concepts of art merging with life and environment.